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StudioPress Lifestyle Pro

LifeStyle Pro by StudioPress is a responsive Genesis child theme for online magazines and blogs, featuring a fully widgetized homepage, six page layouts, and five color styles.

This theme supports natively two WordPress 3 menus:

  • Primary Navigation Menu – left aligned at the top of the page
  • Secondary Navigation Menu – left aligned below the header

Another option, is adding a custom menu to the Header Right area which will display the navigation of your choice in the header.

StudioPress LifeStyle Pro installs with three custom widgets:

  • Featured Page
  • Featured Posts
  • User Profile

With the arrival of version 2.0 of the Genesis Framework, the Genesis eNews and Updates and Genesis Latest Tweets widgets have been removed and made available as plugins. A complete listing of all Genesis plugins is available here.

This Genesis child theme serves ten widget areas:

  • Header Right
  • Primary Sidebar
  • Secondary Sidebar
  • Home Top
  • Home Middle
  • Home Bottom Left
  • Home Bottom Right
  • three Footer columns

The Secondary Sidebar is only displayed in three column page layouts.

The homepage is fully widgetized, and can be composed from:

  • Home Top
  • Home Middle
  • Home Bottom Left and Right
  • widgetized Footer

You can use the Featured Page and Featured Posts widgets, or even the Genesis Responsive Slider to pull content into these widget areas.

When you prefer a frontpage with a traditional blog style, just leave the widget areas on the home page empty and your homepage will show the blog feed. In other words, the LifeStyle Pro theme lets you choose between a magazine-styled and a blog-styled homepage.

LifeStyle Pro offers the following page templates:

  • Default
  • Archive
  • Blog
  • Landing

The Genesis panel comprehends pages for:

  • Theme Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Import/Export

When you do not see the Genesis SEO page, you most likely have activated a plugin to handle your SEO. The Genesis SEO Settings allow you to tweak the default SEO options concerning the Document Title, Homepage Settings, Document Head Settings, Robots Meta Settings and Archive Settings. Furthermore, every post, page and term has its own SEO Settings. When you are just starting out with SEO, just leave the settings in their default state.

The Import/Export page lets you create a file in JSON format for backup and transfer purposes. You can export just the Theme Settings and/or the SEO Settings. Of course, you can also upload a JSON file.

Another page will be available when you have activated the Genesis Responsive Slider plugin.

LifeStyle Theme Options

LifeStyle Theme Options

The Theme Settings page serves dialogue boxes to help you personalize the theme:

  • Information
  • Color Style
  • Custom Feeds
  • Default Layout
  • Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Comments and Trackbacks
  • Content Archives
  • Blog Page Template
  • Header and Footer Scripts

The Information box displays the version number of the Genesis Framework. Here you can also subscribe to receive e-mail notifications when updates becomes available.

LifeStyle Pro comes with six predefined Color Styles. You can choose from: Default (Teal), Blue, Green, Mustard, Purple, and Red.

When you use Google Feedburner for your feeds, you can enter the custom feed URLs for new posts and comments here at the Custom Feeds.

You can set the Default Layout to one column (just the content area), two or even three columns. In case of two columns, you can choose between a left and a right sidebar. In the latter case, you can opt for a sidebar at each side or have both sidebars at the same side of the content area. You have the ability to assign a different page layout to every single page and post.

The Navigation options allow you to enable an Extra element at the right side of the Primary Navigation; Today’s Date, RSS Feed Links, Search Form and Twitter Link.

When you like to have Breadcrumbs at the top of the content, you can check here on which pages these crumbs should be displayed.

The check boxes at the Comments and Trackbacks give you an easy way to customize the visibility of comments and trackbacks on posts and pages.

At the Content Archives you can set your preferences for the blog page listings. You can choose to display the post excerpts or the post content – when applied, until the Read More tag. When you opt for the post content, you can limit the content to a certain number of characters.

Enabling the Featured Image is a matter of checking the box in front of “Include the Featured Image?”. In addition, you can select your desired dimensions for the Featured Image.

Last but not least, you can set your preferred page navigation within the Content Archives box. You are offered two choices: Previous/Next, and Numeric.

LifeStyle Page Capture

LifeStyle Page Capture

The Blog Page Template section lets you configure which categories will be displayed on the blog. You can select a specific category, exclude category IDs, and set the number of posts to be shown.

The Header and Footer Scripts section serves two text boxes where you can enter your custom scripts for the page headers and footers, like for example Google Analytics.

Please note that you need the Genesis Framework in order to activate and use a Genesis child theme. Purchased separately the Genesis Framework is $59.95.

When you already have a license for the Genesis Framework, you only need StudioPress Lifestyle Pro. Otherwise, you get both for a reduced price.

If you are an existing customer of StudioPress, just make sure your are logged in prior to placing your order and you will get the best possible price – returning StudioPress customers get a 25% discount!

Another option is obtaining the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package for $399. The StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package includes the Genesis Framework as well as all current and future Genesis child themes created by StudioPress.

And at the moment, you still get lifetime updates and support with StudioPress. However this will change shortly.

September 1st, the price of the Pro Plus Package will increase to $499. And before the end of the year, StudioPress will introduce recurring plans for the Genesis Framework, child themes and the Pro Plus Package.

When you have ever considered purchasing the Genesis Framework, or a StudioPress child theme, please do it before StudioPress introduces the recurring plans and take advantage of life time usage and support.

StudioPress Lifestyle
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent
  • 3/5 Avg. User Rating

  • Rated 3 stars
  • 2 Reviews

  • Design
    Editor: 75%
    User: 50%
  • Features
    Editor: 60%
    User: 35%
  • Usability
    Editor: 93%
    User: 36%
  • Pricing
    Editor: 70%
    User: 50%
  • Service
    Editor: 100%
    User: 35%

Review Summary:

StudioPress LifeStyle Pro is suitable for online magazines and blogs. Because of the bigger header, the theme is less appropriate in combination with a slider. Fortunately, a slider is not a prerequisite for a great news site. The price of this a Genesis child theme is just above average, but comes with lifetime support and updates.

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  1. says

    This one is one of the best sellers my friend. I’m glad you’ve featured it on your homepage’s slider. I did the same and so far, sales is doing great. Good luck on your affiliate marketing.

  2. says2

    Disappointed that I can’t change the font or the color of the font or most other colors. VERY limited customization. I used the Lifestyle theme on my earlier site and thought this would be as easy to customize, but not so. And the font color is very difficult to read because it is so light. I wish Studiopress would provide more details before purchase because I certainly would have chosen a different theme. I had to get help to change the header, too, something I did, easily, myself with Lifestyle. I do not recommend this theme.

    • says

      Hello Debbie,

      Sorry to hear about your issues with Lifestyle, especially since you have been working with StudioPress before. Basically you can change anything with a little knowlegde of CSS. Let me know when have a specific wish regarding the theme.

      Take care – Wil

      • says

        I love this theme but would love it even more if I could change the font color to black…is that possible? I have very limited knowledge of CSS. Thanks!

        • says

          Hello Ranya,

          Did you try to adjust the style.css as mentioned in an earlier reply? The #999999 is a mid gray. In order to get the black font replace #999999 by #00000 – you can even also #111111, #222222, etc.

          Good luck,


          P.S. Sorry for not getting back sooner, I had to unplug for a short time. It remains my policy to reply within 24 hours – at least on week days.

          • says

            You can pick your preferred color scheme at Genesis >> Theme Settings >> Color Style.

            To darken the color of the body font, you can add the following code at the bottom of the style.css:

            body {
            color: #777777;

            You can further darken the body color by lowering the value to #555555, #333333, or all the way up to #000000.

  3. says

    Hello! I’ve been looking at this child theme for awhile, but none of the color schemes will work for me because my colors are fairly set in stone already. Do you know if I can change them in the css?

  4. says

    Hi Will,

    I was a bit frustrated with the post navigation of this theme. I came to the conclusion that it’s because I have it fully widgetized, However, in playing with my footer today, I actually got the page navigation to show up, but it is not functioning. I feel like I just need to instruct it what to do and it will function. I am just not sure how to instruct it what to do. Any ideas?


    • says

      Jamaise – I am trying to follow the directions at the link you found a solution at. However, I don’t see any highlighting it mentioned, in the coding, to see where the changes are. Did you? I really need to know how to fix the same problem you had.
      – Laura

  5. says

    I don’t have a review of this theme, just yet. I am in the process of changing themes and was looking to purchase this one. So glad someone else mentioned the font color. It was one of the first things that I noticed that I didn’t like. It is too light. Actually the READ MORE words that follow the posts was a nice color. If it is not too difficult to change, then this is the theme for me.

    • says

      Hello Sharon,

      The default font color of the body is #a5a5a3, which is indeed a bit light. To change this you only have to add the following code at the bottom of the style.css:

      body {
      	color: #777777;

      You can pick any color you like, ranging from #000000 (black) to #ffffff (white). For some examples, please refer to HTML color codes and names.

      • Tj Rock says

        Hi Wil!
        I love lifestyle pro, but hate the font colour! I added this code to my style.css, but the font color remains unaffected. Is it really possible to change the font colour? What could I be doing wrong? I added the code to the very bottom of my style sheet, btw.

        • says

          Hello Tj,

          This morning, I have downloaded the latest version of LifeStyle Pro (v3.1) and followed the instructions as mentioned in the comment above. It worked just fine. Did you try a high contrast color like #fff000 (yellow)? Please note that you have to add the css at the bottom of the style.css of the LifeStyle Pro child theme.

          Take care,


          P.S. Sorry for not getting back sooner, I had to unplug for a short time. It remains my policy to reply within 24 hours – at least on week days.

  6. says4

    Hello Everyone!
    I have the Life Style Pro theme and I can’t get to work the Genesis Featured Posts Widget under the Content Type the “Read More” button is not working. Please! Please! please help me!!!!

    thanks in advance

    • says

      Hello Tetay,

      The Read More link will not be visible when you select ‘Excerpt’ as Content Type. You have to select either ‘Show Content’ or ‘Show Content Limit’ in case want to present the Read More link.

      Good luck,

      Wil Ransz

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